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Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurvedic Spas The most pleasant, useful, inspirational, relaxing and energizing SPA programs, which are based on the traditional system of Indian medicine - Ayurveda, which means “science of life and longevity” in Sanskrit.

Ayurvedic SPA program "Gifts of Ayurveda"

A unique program of absolute relaxation. Shirodhara procedure will allow you to enter a state of renewing trance, the flow of pleasant sensations will relieve stress, relieve headaches and leave behind a clear, zeroed out mind.
7 400 ₽

Ayurvedic SPA program "Little Vacation"

What to do when you need to relax, and to the holidays the path is longer than from the Hermitage to the Hawaiian palms? Our program "Little Vacation" will give the atmosphere of an island paradise in the middle of the stone jungle! Choose from Coconut, Sesame or Shea Butter.
3 500 ₽

Ayurvedic SPA program "Heavenly delight"

Awakening of natural beauty, renewal and absolute relaxation of the body. A little more than you knew about heavenly pleasure.
6 200 ₽

Ayurvedic SPA program "Full Relaxation"

Full relaxation - express vacation for your body. After two and a half hours of enjoyment, aromatic herbs and oil massages, you will not only relieve stress - you will forget the meaning of the word.
6 800 ₽

Ayurvedic SPA program "Wings of the Phoenix"

To put thoughts in order, to suspend the inner monologue, allow yourself to forget about time - this is true freedom. Give yourself a magical feeling of weightlessness and dazzling beauty of the world with our program "PENIX WINGS".
6 500 ₽